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Past Members

Jiaqi Zheng

  1. Light control from computers (e.g., via Matlab)
  2. iOS app for control of light and sound for ambience


Kevin Everson

  1. EEG for sensing brain waves
  2. Music/sound modulation for emotion and stress regulation


Morgan Ketchum

  • Interface coding/design for ADHD training
  • Interface to EEG


Katerine Guerrero Montero (Visiting Scholar, Univ. Pont. Javeriana, Cali, Colombia)

  1. Network theory, homophilic networks
  2. Application: Brain connectivity modeling and analysis


Andrés Pantoja (Visiting Professor, Fulbright, Univ. de Nariño, Colombia)

  1. Heart rate variability sensor, sound/music modulation
  2. Feedback control strategies for stress reduction



Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti

  1. Mathematical modeling, mood disorders (depression, bipolar), attention
  2. Feedback control for mood disorders
  3. Psychoeducation

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Sarah Matthiesen

  1. Heart rate variability sensor, color light control
  2. Feedback control strategies for stress reduction


Evan Hamamoto

  1. Real-time estimation of frontal alpha asymmetry from EEG data
  2. Feedback control for alpha symmetrty using music and light modulation


Jack Davidson (Summer visitor from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, IN)

  1. Hardware/software for feedback control for depression
  2. Design and implement wireless (bluetooth) device for controlling current applied at the skin to effect frontal lobe alpha-asymmetry.


McKayla Tassy

  1. Neuroscience, behavioral and systems
  2. PTSD, treatment


Locke Wang

  1. Stress reduction, heart rate variability
  2. HRV-modulated virtual reality for stress reduction


Zhimin Chen

  1. Training for ADHD
  2. Feedback contro methods, machine learning


Eugene No

  1. Feedback control for depression
  2. Use of HRV and EEG signals, modulated music


Feifan Jia

  1. Natural language processing, real-time
  2. Child language processing to text, use of cloud services