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Research Group


Kevin Passino

  1. Feedback control science and engineering for mental health
  2. Distributed/cooperative approaches
  3. Adaptive ambience

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Zhenghao Zhao

  1. Stress reduction, heart rate variability
  2. HRV-modulated virtual reality for stress reduction


Agnibh Dey

  1. Estimating focus level from EEG signals
  2. ADHD training



Andrew Fu

  1. ECG for heart rate and heart rate variability sensing, automatic modulation of music teatures for stress reduction
  2. Application to group stress reduction in a preschool classroom at the OSU Schoenbaum Family Center


Joseph ("Joey") Chiu

  1. People location, velicty, and acceleration tracking
  2. Application to location tracking of children in a preschool classroom at the OSU Schoenbaum Family Center


Zhongjun Hu

  1. Signal processing and analysis of heart rate variability and stress
  2. Implementation and testing of feedback controllers for stress control


Sri Harini Balaji

  1. Signal processing and analysis for EEGs
  2. Feedback control of depression via regulation of frontal alpha asymmetry


Haifan Zhang

  1. Signal processing for heart rate variability data for a group of children/teachers in a classroom 
  2. Statistical analysis of relations between stress and child characteristics (via CBQ)