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Mood Disorders


Bipolar Spectrum Disorders (BD-I, MDD, etc.):

  1. Mathematical modeling of dynamics
  2. Stability analysis, feedback control design, optimization-based analysis
  3. Preliminary report:
  4. Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti and Kevin M. Passino, "Modeling and Analysis of Mood Dynamics," To appear in IEEE Trans. on Computational Social Systems, 2020.


Feedback Control for Depression (in progress):

  1. Sense via EEG, frontal alpha asymmetry (used in neurofeedback for depression), and HR/HRV, and modulate sound and light (perhaps current in the future, induced vibrations of the vagus nerve externally).
  2. Develop feedback controllers, learning methods ("on-line machine learning").
  3. Initial report


Adolescent Depression and Anxiety (App development):

  1. With Prof Scottye Cash, College of Social Work, and the student organization "Code 4 Community" led by Megan Knox.
  2. Funded by the Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs endowment.
  3. An assistant/information source for adolescents with depression and anxiety, particularly at Star House (for homeless youth).
  4. App programming/development.