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Poverty and Suffering:

  1. Poverty alleviation and "human development" per the UN definitions.  
  2. Not necessarily a mental health connection, but a general well-being issue with a frequent connection to suffering and stress.

Humanitarian Engineering: Advancing Technology for Sustainable Development:


Publications on Feedback Control for Poverty Alleviation:

  1. Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti and Kevin M. Passino, “Feedback Controllers as Financial Advisors for Low-Income Individuals,” IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 25, No. 6, pp. 2194-2201, Nov. 2017.
  2. Luis Felipe Giraldo and Kevin M. Passino, “Dynamics of Cooperation in a Task Completion Social Dilemma,” PLOS ONE, Vol. 12, No. 1, Jan. 26, 2017 (a study of community participation principles).
  3. Cooperative management of community technology, see book.
  4. Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti, Felipe Giraldo, Kevin M Passino, “Feedback Control Engineering for Cooperative Community Development,” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, June 2018.
  5. Other: Computational analysis of democracy/wealth distribution, nonlinear stability analysis of poverty traps and technology diffusion, sensitivity and optimality analysis of models of economic growth for choosing development investment strategies; see book.