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  1. Dr. Ted Beauchaine, OSU Dept. Psychology
  2. Dr. Daniel Strunk, OSU Dept. Psychology
  3. Dr. Emre Ertin, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, OSU
  4. Dr. John Clapp, School of Social Work, Univ. of Southern California
  5. Dr. Matt Lewis, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), OSU
  6. Dr. Scottye Cash, OSU College of Social Work

Schoenbaum Family Center (SFC) Initiative:

  1. Dr. Laura Justice, Director, SFC, and Dr. Hugo Gonzalez: Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy at the Schoenbaum Family Center; Anneliese Johnson, MS, Principal, Oliva Diaz Melgarejo, ATT, Lead Teacher, Preschool; Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning at the Schoenbaum Family Center, OSU College of Education and Human Ecology.
  2. Dr. Shelby Spare Werner, Bethel Olentangy Psychological Services, Columbus.

Student Organizations:

  • OSU "Code 4 Community," Dept. Computer Science and Engineering
  • OSU "Engineers for Community Service," College of Engineering